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Privacy & Policy

Delivery address
You must complete all the address fields when entering your order, including the recipient phone number. Please avoid using addresses where you believe the recipient to be absent most of the day.

Delivery times offers same-day delivery placed before the “Cut-Off Time”, as allowed in the order process. In most cases we do not deliver on Sundays. A morning delivery will be guaranteed only if the order was placed at least one day in advance.
Delivery times for gift baskets, gifts, chocolate boxes and all other products do vary depending upon the supplier and the destination country. Cut off times are indicated in the order process. Normally next day delivery is available, but as we use 3rd party florists, we unfortunately cannot guarantee delivery dates nor times.

Special occasions and local holidays
In general for special occasions the cut off times are adjusted to be at least 3 to 5 days earlier. We will always accept your orders, and in most cases be able to process them on time. However, we cannot guarantee last minute orders for special occasions, and we will make the delivery at the earliest possible date. For special occasions we are unable to guarantee morning or afternoon delivery.

Valentine’s Day: Please place your orders at least 4 days in advance as florists normally stop taking orders a few days before Valentine’s. For last minute orders we may deliver during the days following Valentine’s Day.
*If Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, Sunday we have to inform you that we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time.
Delivery will take place during working hours, we will try to respect in all cases delivery before 13.00hrs and after 13.00hrs.
Mother’s Day: Please order at least 4 days in advance and in general, orders to be delivered for Mother’s Day (Sunday) are delivered the day before, (Saturday). For last minute orders we may deliver the following Monday or Tuesday.
Christmas and New Year: Please order at least 4 days in advance and in general all deliveries are made a minimum of 2 days before the 25th December and the 1st January. For last minute orders we may deliver up to and including the 28th of December, and the 3rd January respectively.
Local Holidays: Please order at least 3 days before. If the delivery date coincides with a local holiday in the destination country, and the local florist is closed, the order will be automatically sent at the earliest opportunity when the holiday has ended. You may receive a disclaimer message to this effect when placing the order.
If you believe that any of the above could apply to you then it is advisable to allow extra time for such situations when placing your order.

Products and images
Products only contain the items listed in the product description.
Vases and other items are not included unless stated in the product description and are only used for display purposes.
Product photos of Flower Bouquets always represent the medium size.
Product photos are a representation of the arrangements and may vary (see Substitution Policy below).

Substitution policy
Roses will never be substituted with other flowers or floral products without requesting your confirmation first. Flower arrangements are unique and handmade, so no two are ever identical. Every effort is made to fulfill your order as closely as possible to the product photos and descriptions. In some cases, local florists may not have some items in stock and careful substitutions of equal or greater value will automatically be made. We will always maintain the value and concept of the chosen product.
If an added product is not in stock with the local florist we will add the money paid for the item to the value of the flowers and create a bigger bouquet.

Orders will always be charged in United States Dollar / Euros / United Kingdom Pounds. A1flowerdelivery.nets does make a daily adjustment to its prices to other listed currencies, but these conversions are only an approximation. cannot be held responsible for any currency conversion differences, and / or charges made by your bank

Hospitals, hotels and company deliveries
Orders to hospitals, hotels or company addresses are not guaranteed, but in most cases arrive as requested.
Please indicate the name and telephone number of the hospital, hotel or company. In the case of hospitals we also need the recipient’s ward and room number. will send your bouquet in accordance with the facilities procedures, and cannot be held liable if these procedures prevent successful delivery, but our local florist will always attempt to do so. You should note that many hospitals do not permit florists to deliver bouquets personally to individual rooms, and that most ICUs do not permit flowers. Please check with the hospital before placing your order. cannot issue refunds if the delivery failed due to any of the above.

Cancellation policy
In the case that you want to cancel an order, you will be given a full refund if you have given us a minimum of 2 days notice before the delivery date.
If notice of cancellation arrives less than 2 days before the delivery date you will only be given a refund minus 25% on order Total Gross value.
If notice is given less than 24 hours before the delivery date no refund will be given.
Please note that all refunds will be made minus any taxes, charges or currency conversions incurred by during the transaction.

Change in order details
You may change the order details only via your account login or mail to Change in order details are only guaranteed if made 2 days before the delivery date.
If you have given the wrong delivery information we cannot offer guaranteed delivery. In most cases you will be given the opportunity to adjust the information before the delivery date. If the florist reports to us that the delivery address is incorrect we will attempt to contact you and acquire new information, but we are not responsible if we cannot contact you. In some cases we will be able to deliver to a new address free of charge, but this depends on the location of the new address and the expenses incurred by the local florist. In certain cases there may be extra charges.

Price increase request
In some rare cases we may be forced to contact you and request a price increase to successfully deliver the flowers. Working with local florists is a huge advantage with quality and timing; however, it does mean that on rare occasions our local florist may be subject to certain restrictions:
If the delivery address of the order is a remote place and the florist needs an extra fee for the long distance.
If certain items are out of stock or market prices have suddenly risen, due to local seasonal changes.
If for special events or occasions the market prices have risen over and above our advertised supplement.
If for any other reason there is a need for more money to process the order successfully.
In all cases we will attempt to contact you and confirm if you wish to add the requested price increase to the order or cancel the order. If the order is cancelled you will receive a full refund.

Invalid credit card details
If you provide us with incorrect or invalid credit card or payment details we cannot process your order. We will attempt to contact you to correct these details, but in all cases you are fully responsible for any issues that arise from providing such incorrect details.

Exceptions is not responsible for:
Flowers, plants and preserved items delivered to incorrect addresses supplied by the sender. Unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at time of delivery at the address supplied by the sender.
Decreased flower and plant quality due to an incorrect delivery address supplied by the sender, or a re-route requested by the sender.
Flower and plant quality problems, where delivery is delayed due to sender requiring signature upon delivery.

Any Possible complaint should always be accompanies with your order number, sender information, recipient information and digital photos clearly showing the product and time of delivery. All complaints must be made as soon as possible after the delivery date, and up to a maximum of one week. This is very important to allow us to investigate the complaint correctly with the local florists. After this date complaints cann't be investigated.


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